Thursday, December 10, 2015

Paper Towns

When I was about eight or nine years old, I had a paper town, the kind where you have to punch out and assemble each building and bus.  Mom would put on records, and my sister and I played in the den for hours.  There was something magical about having my own city where anything could happen.

This is kind of how it was when I created Gnome.  It is just as exciting and magical now as it was then.

The setting of Gnome is just as important to me as its characters are.  In fact, Gnome is like a character in itself with its mysterious portal in the woods, trendy places juxtaposed against ordinary businesses, and a history that goes back centuries.  When I built Gnome in my mind, I wanted readers who had never visited The South to know what it looks like, feels like, and smells like.  Long before I had my plot set in stone, I was building Gnome.  The whole concept was about this magical place where anything could happen.

And that's how Gnome was born.

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