Saturday, September 15, 2018

Update on Book Two

The blog got an upgrade today! Some areas are still under construction, but I hope to have things ironed out soon. I just wanted to give you an update on the LONG-anticipated Book Two of the series and kind of let you know what the issues have been.

The main issue has been the author. I got very distracted. I finished and published a children's book, and then I proceeded to get distracted.

Of my last two books that I have finished, those were mostly written in less than a year, after I put the pedal to the metal and aimed to finish them. I mainly had to get cover art, hire an editor, finish/rewrite a few chapters, and finish formatting. That sounds like a lot, but I already had most of a book in the months leading up to publication. After I published that second book, I really didn't have any other rough drafts in progress. I had spent the previous two years reaping, and it was time to start sowing again. I hope that makes sense.

That being said, I had about four chapters written and a vague idea of what I expected to happen in Book Two of the Gnome Sweet Gnome series. The more I tried to work on it, the less I realized that I knew about how it would go. While waiting for the book idea to "ripen" and develop more complex plots and subplots, I finished another book and began generating a lot of new ideas. So, waiting for Book Two to get ripe enough to write so that I knew where it was going, generating new ideas, and getting overwhelmed by "real life"--these have been some of the major reasons that I haven't completed Book Two before now.

I wish I could tell you that negative people didn't affect me at all, but I had had more positive reviews than negative ones, and I just wanted to let you know that I truly and deeply appreciate those who took the time to write such wonderful words. 

You may have noticed that Book One is not currently available. I will be making some minor changes and re-releasing it with a new cover when I am closer to finishing Book Two. I am not sure, at this time, exactly when that will be. I currently have about 25K words written, and I took time out today to edit the website and try to get a little organized.

Thank you for hanging in there and checking on me. Now that I took the time to take care of a little "business", I'll be getting back to writing so that readers can find out as soon as possible what is going on in Evie's world!


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