Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Day #5: Reaching 10K

Just before midnight last night, I passed my goal of 10K words. According to NaNoWriMo.org, at this past, I should achieve 50K by November 25th. However, I know that there are social plans and holidays that will set me back. Not to mention, fatigue may set in. I have been up until nearly 1AM the past two nights as I struggled to get my wordcount in.

On another struggle, I am in the middle part of the story where things are getting pretty tense for my characters, and that can be stressful for this writer. Things are really going sideways as my main character makes some bad decisions in an attempt to find a resolution. Or, are they necessary in order to get the character where she needs to be and, therefore, justified? Is it a case of the end justifying the means? I actually feel bad for my characters and for having put them in this situation.

I’m including a video by Muse with their live performance of “Map of the Problematique,” a song that has inspired me in the scenes I have been working on. In the future, I’ll bring more videos of songs that have inspired me to write this book. 😸

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